Tasting Notes


Making the symphony sound appealling to a younger audience.

Fuzzco collaborated with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra to create Tasting Notes, a monthly event in the spring where the orchestra’s conductor chose a symphony to interpret in an easily digestible and unintimidating way, and a local wine connoisseur provided a carefully selected wine pairing for the evening. To top it off, a ticket to Tasting Notes included access to the full concert the following weekend.

The identity is playful and purposefully over the top: wine spills paired with the sensory body parts of the composers. 

Hoping the idea would catch on, we designed and built a website where anyone could request to host Tasting Notes in their city. There was also a calendar of the current season’s performances and samples of what you should expect to hear.

Social media posts started off with very little info to raise questions and gain interest, and then started to include more information about the event.

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